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City Lights


Welcome Home

Today’s real estate market has gone belly up in many parts of the county. Areas that were booming...


Freeway Shootings

In March 2005, 4 people were shot while driving on southern California freeways in what appeared ...


Living Downtown

In an effort to triple its downtown population by 2030, the city of San Diego has started an adve...

Sabbath Time


Place: Scottsdale, AZ

Start: 11:47 AM 10/24/2014

End: 11:47 AM 10/25/2014

Bible Says


The Rating Scale

We all have one. Maybe it’s from one to ten, maybe it’s a list, or maybe it’s more subtle and sub...


Christ in a Box

When we first became friends, she showed me her treasures carefully stored in the drawer of her b...


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