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City Lights


Rush Hour Remedy

One warm and sunny day when I was nine years old, my younger brother and sister and I were playin...


Sex Sells

In case you haven't noticed, sex is big business. It sells cars, clothing, food, furniture, jewel...



I sat alone in a crowded train station in a large German city. The winter holidays were approachi...

Sabbath Time


Place: Scottsdale, AZ

Start: 12:01 PM 04/25/2014

End: 12:01 PM 04/26/2014

Bible Says


Perseverance Pays

This week I received a steep assignment from my violin professor. He asked me to have a certain p...


Solar Solace

While many Americans celebrated or cursed April 15th due to it's eponymous moniker of Tax Day, Ap...


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